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Live performance with

percussionist Ben Zurier and

oil projection artist Christina Fraguela

at CalArts 2015

Apt Heavens is a duo project by Patrick Benkhe (viola and processing) and Ben Finley (double bass, electric bass and effects). Apt Heavens explores the potential of a long standing improvisatory grounding and friendship. Combined with sonic explorations of California's wilderness, a freedom of highly personal compositional approaches become available. 

The resonance of viola, double bass and electric bass tuned in fifths has opened up a whole new language of resonance for Apt Heavens. It has also led us to explore other 

microtonal tuning possibilities. 

From playing for kids in libraries to wise folks in homes, Apt Heavens aims at cultivating concert stages anywhere into sonic garden projects.

a piece of it - Apt Heavens
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Skip to the Void - Apt Heavens
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Many Good Ways - Apt Heavens
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Descending Traffic Lights - Apt Heavens
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