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Albums as leader or co-leader

Thank you for listening! If you are able to buy these albums on Bandcamp it would be a great support to the artists!


Recorded in a friend's basement shortly before the world changed due to the coronavirus, this piece is a treasured reminder of making music in a room together with friends.

Desert Quill Quartet

Dan Gonzalez (clarinet) 
Yvette Holzwarth (violin) 
Patrick Behnke (viola) 

Ben Finley (double bass) 

Recorded by Jared Rodriguez in Los Angeles 
Mixed by Dan Gonzalez and Jared Rodriguez 
Mastered by Caoba Records 
Album Drawing by Patrick Behnke, Album Design by Dan Gonzalez


Apt Heavens

This album represents years of deep friendship, learning, and experimenting with the electric and acoustic shifting cores of the bass and viola.

Patrick Behnke (viola, electronics, voice)  

Ben Finley (double bass, electric bass, voice, effects)


Recorded and engineered by Jared Rodriguez, Ben Finley, and Patrick Behnke  


Cycles on Cycles

An album that attempts to cycle a message on itself, in the end re-learning re-learning. Told through one of the maybe oldest sonic soul connections, voice and bass.

Kathryn Shuman (voice, effects)

Ben Finley (electric bass, double bass, effects)

Produced and Mixed by Davy Sumner 
Mastered by Daniel Walter Eaton 
Artwork by Marta Tiesenga 


Growth Rings

This trio of friends use to meet every Sunday to play around the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) Sometimes they would meet in foyers, stairwells, by trees—anywhere there was space or resonance. This recording session was very healing and hopefully it brings out something unexpected in yourself.

Ben Finley (aka Ben Branch) - Double Bass
Sarah Reid (aka Sarah Sap) - Trumpet
Tony Gennaro (aka Tony Trunk) - Percussion

Ryan Gaston - Engineer


Also appeared as bassist (mostly) on the following albums

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