Other Collaborations

'Mehahn' is a transdisciplinary work exploring the temporality and ephemerality of memories of loved ones. Drawing inspiration from Gertrude Stein's 'landscape theatre' and the collaborations between avant-garde trumpeter Bill Dixon and contemporary choreographer Judith Dunn.

Here's me improvising for Jacques Burtin's film, exploring the the Tarot of Marseilles card's of "Justice" and "The Hermit". 

Camera: Stephen Dagg and Jacques Burtin.
Improvised at the Westben Centre for Connection and Creativity (Campbellford, Ontario - Canada), July 2018.


Thanks to Andy Thompson for loaning me the bass!

Davy Sumner facilitated a site-specific, quadraphonic composition/improvisation for trumpet, bass, saxophone, and electronics in a resonant & abandoned 10,000 gallon pool at Peter Strauss Ranch. 


Davy Sumner: "my piece fostered interactions with the natural sounds of the space--birdcalls, insect noises, and the distant highway--rather than covering them up." 

Excerpts from improvisations at Long Beach PUMP Festival with collective Dream Walker

Avey Tare's solo album Eucalyptus

now lives in the world.

I was fortunate to play some

bass on the album.

Check it out! 

The website is an incredible visual listening experience.

You have to check it out.


You don't have to. But...

Amazing to be a part of this ambitious "mobile" opera. I'm also very excited to have played bass in Galileo with new music by Andy Akiho. Check out the Industry website for more information:

Check out Turtle Feet Simple Growth by Patrick Behnke on New Branch Records!

Very happy to play on this project!

CaBiN at the Blue Whale

Nick Hon - Drums, contact mic

Chris Williams - Trumpet & FX

Ben Finley - Bass & FX

Thanks to Laura Sophia Perez for video!

This was an extremely exciting challenge. I played the part of Garcin, the lead character in Jean-Paul Sartre's "No Exit". The other two main characters, Inez and Estelle, were played musically by two violins .

We were forced into "hell's waiting room" with music and spoken language directly confronting each other to be each other's torturer... Musical adaptation by Sean Hayward.

A Musical Retelling of Sartre's - No Exit

Prokofiev Quintet G minor, Op. 39 (1924)

Really fun to play some standard chamber music with these great musicians. Hope to do it again soon with full dancers.

Performed at the CalArts Chamber Music Concert Oct 2016.

Retrospective Photography - Rivulets
00:00 / 00:00


Rivulets is a quartet (sometimes quintet) of bass, viola, rhodes and voice. 

This live excerpt is a piece of mine called Retrospective Photography and was premiered Oct 2016 at Battery Books, Los Angeles.

Also very excited to compose  / perform on Sam Icklow's Film The Moth with Rivulet. Find his site here. Official Selection for the DTLA Film Festival!

Pox Films

- Three Blind Mice

After contributing a dimly distant piano song to Nick D'Agastino's incredible stop animation "Ring Around the Mulberry Bush" (see left), we are currently working on a new piece called "3 Blind Mice" (see images above) for oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, bass, piano, organ and hybrid percussion. I'm very excited to bring this to life; we are working on making the music deeply interwoven with the elements of the film. It's a story of re-incarceration set in the turn of the century; it's a connecting piece of America's currently crowded closed loop prisons to its past overt history of disenfranchising. It's been great to work with Nick on every element of subtlety: character colours, light, motion etc.

ALSO! Blind Mice, Nick's film that has been 3 years in the making, is nearly ready. Very excited about the interweaving of the music with the film's sound design and the deeper sonic network of characters that emerges. Check it out at the following festivals:

Atlanta Film Festival Cinequest

and will be submitted to the following festivals among others:

Hiroshima Int. Animation Festival Ottawa Int. Animation Festival Canne




Tree is a trio (unfortunately apt), of a trio of friends and collaborators Sarah Reid, trumpet, Tony Generro, percussion and myself on double bass. This is a video of excerpts of an all night recording session engineered by Ryan Gaston. 

Check out the incredible sculptures of Enrico Ferrarini Here

Desert Quill Quartet

Desert Quill Quartet is a quartet made up of 4 corners of North America: Toronto, Detroit, Los Angeles and Mexico City. Somewhat an expansion on a traditional string quartet with an extended range in both directions, Desert Quill Quartet explores original music ranging from microtonal structured improvisations to reinterpreting Mexican folksongs to collaborations with dancers.


Tetherball is a trio of Nick Hon, drums, Caleb Veazy, guitar and Ben Finley, double bass. Loosely composed, melodic cells gives a fun challenge of developing variations as an ensemble. Rough pockets of beautiful.