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People and Place Based Notations: Liner Notes for 2+1=3


Published June 30, 2020

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Considering the stakes of chronic environmental degradation, what are the roles of musicians and artistic institutions in the climate crisis? Weaving through a suite of pieces I composed for duets and landscape (2+1=3) at the Summer Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation in Québec's spectacular Gaspésie, I look into how humans/composers/improvisers, might practice music in ways that recognize and activate its ecological and environmental significance. Drawing from autoethnographic and ecomusicological frameworks, I explore how writing for (and with) people and places might afford vital ways of cohabitating and relating to the biosphere—creating an emergent/spontaneous ethics of care, listening and participation.

excerpts from Boxed Pictures

1. Turtle Feet (inspired by the Poetry of Sung Po-jen)

2. Vowels (inspired by this

Ben Finley